Introduction of the group


FX168 Finance Group(www.FX168.com)is a well-known supplier providing the composite services including 24H professional and real-time financial news, real-time financial data, investment education and training, financial events and brand promotion. It’s based in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Hong Kong of Greater China, Vancouver of North America and London of Europe.

Our business involves 35 major investment markets in the world. With more than one thousand institutional partners, our service targets for 200 million investors in China and 50 million Chinese worldwide.

2.The four business groups of FX168 Finance Group

3.History of FX168 Finance Group


Shanghai InfoChannel Inc. was founded

www.FX168.com went on-line


Being identified as “Software Company” by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization

Became the designated partner of City University of Hong Kong

Became the designated partner in Shanghai Enterprise Internship Program of Hong Kong Economic Times


www.24K99.comwent on-line

Held “FXCM Asia Cup of Elite” with FXCM, the first international foreign exchange broker accessed Chinese market.


Launched the database of bank financial products

Became the first authorized partner of Shanghai Gold Exchange


www.99qh.com went on-line

www.2Rich.net went on-line

Became the partner of China Business Network, and co-operated to hold “FXTrading Competition”

Qualified for ISO9001 international Quality Management System Certification


Launched 《Bank Financial Products Monitoring Report》

Became the authorized partner of Hang Seng Index Company Limited


Rich QDII Research Centerwas founded


Launched the product of “Accurate Marketing Financial Terminal”

Became the member of Shanghai Financial Association

Became the authorized partner of China Financial Futures Exchange(CFFEX)

Won the“Best News Award” of China (Shenzhen) International Finance Exhibit


Was awarded the “One-Star IntegrityFounding Enterprise” by Shanghai Integrity Founding Enterprise Organization Committee

Won again the “Best News Award” of China (Shenzhen) International Finance Exhibit


Launched “99 FuturesCompany List”, the first ranking of futurescompanies in China Published the blue book firstly in the industry: 《Chinese Foreign Exchange Market Personal InvestmentBlue Book 2012》

Held the Customer Appreciation Banquet for the first time, developed to be FX168 Annual Summit onward


Launched the first “FX168 Annual Brokers Awards”

Published 《Chinese Foreign Exchange Market Personal Investment Blue Book 2013》

Held the second Customer Appreciation Banquet


Upgraded FX168.com and positioning to be the Chinese financial website with global vision

Published 《Chinese Foreign Exchange Market Blue Book 2014》

Published the blue book firstly in the industry:《Chinese Precious Metals, Crude Oil and Commodities Market Blue Book 2014》

Launched “TradeKing”, the first edutainment FX168 large internet traders community

Held grandly the third “FX168 Annual Summit”, which is already developed to be a well-known industry event in the world


Achieved the qualification of Human Resources Service Licence

Set up the North American operation base in Vancouver, Canada

Hosted the creative Initiation Ceremony of FX168 Annual Summit

Awarded as “High-tech Little Giant Enterprise”

Awarded as “China Financial Information Service Creative Brand Top 10”

FX168.com was awarded as “China E-commerce Brand Valuable Web Portal”

Ranked in “Asia Brand Top 500” and “Asia Famous Brand”

Held the fourth “FX168 Annual Summit” successfully

Held the first “Analyst Show” in the industry

Published the annual “Broker Billboard”

Published《Chinese Foreign Exchange Market Blue Book 2015》and 《Chinese Precious Metals, Crude Oil and Commodities Market Blue Book 2015》

B2C training serviceof "Dianping Service" by FX168 Finance Collegewent on line and widely acclaimed


Set up two more operation bases in Hong Kong and London Published a leading bluebook in the industry:《Global Investments Markets Blue Book 2015-2016》

Qualified the ISO27001 Information Security System Certification

Became the off-campus practice base of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Introduced international partners, and set to hold the first “Asia Trading Summit” in 2017, which is filed by the government

Held the “AnalystShow” and annual “Broker Billboard”

Held the second “FX168 Annual Summit”

Published《Chinese Foreign Exchange Market Blue Book 2016》and 《Chinese Precious Metals, Crude Oil and Commodities Market Blue Book 2016》

“TradeKing”, the training and evaluating platform of practical trading ability, became the key project supported by Zhangjiang Special Development Fund in Shanghai

FX168.com was awarded “Annual Vertical Industry Pioneer Award” by PR Newswire


Held successfully “2017 Asia Trading Summit” in Shanghai

Launched again the bluebook leading global investment trends and direction: 《2016-2017 Global Investment Markets Blue Book》

Products and services:

1.FX168 Newspaper Centre


FX168 Finance Newspaper Centre is a media platform providing media services through FX168.com, 24K99.com, 99qh.com, 2Rich.net and FX168 APP. We offer 24-hour real time professional services of global financial news and information to Chinese in the world.

Our website offered versatile information with high timeliness and accuracy. The news and information we generate are provided to Sina, Tencent, iFeng, Netease, Sohu, Toutiao and other tens of internet companies. Meanwhile, we also provide news services to financial institutions, such as banks and futures companies.

Our websitesand App:


The Chinese financial website with global vision


Gold and precious metals investment website


Commodity and financial futures investment website


High-end wealth management website


FX168 WeChat

2. FX168 Finance College


FX168 Finance College uses “TradeKing” as training platform, and apply both online and offline courses as training system. Being different from traditional financial education in universities, we focus more on the training of actual investing capabilities. FX168 Finance College has human resource service license, and is qualified to issue relevantcertificate.

Services of the college:

A.Trainings for banks

FX168 Finance College has been providinglectures, trainings and Dianping services for more than 200 banks and branches nationwide.

B.Education for investors

We have excellent, qualified and experienced tutors, providing the on-line lessons and professional Dianping services for investors. They could help the learners to improve their abilities and skills through the education from elementary to profound.

C.Trainings for local commodities exchanges

Tolocal commodities exchanges and other financial institutions, we provide different level training courses from senior executives to middle management and general staff.

Seminars for executives, compliance and management courses for middle managers, financial knowledge trainings for employees,and other services.


TradeKing was researched, developed and built up independently by FX168 Finance Group after the group has developed for more than 10 years. It is a communicated trading platform which integrated trading, entertainment, training and social networking. With the core technology of fin-tech, the platform can quantify and rate the trading ability of each investor through big data analyzing. Meanwhile, this project is the key project of Zhangjiang Special Development Fund in Shanghai, and it has more than 300,000 registered users by now.

Daily live lecture: every evening from Monday to Friday, live comments for headlines and breaking news, more than 5,000 users concurrently on-line as the highest.

3.FX168 Finance Institute


FX168 Finance Institute is a service-oriented research organization based on big data research and evaluation system, providing rating service and a variety of professional research reports. It published《Chinese Foreign Exchange Market Blue Book》,《Chinese Precious Metals, Crude Oil and Commodities Market Blue Book》, 《Global Investments Markets Blue Book》. Moreover, FX168 Finance Institute also provides service of asset management products, funds and economic indicators database.

Services of the Institute:

A.Blue book

Chinese Foreign Exchange Market Blue Book》, published firstly in 2012;

《Chinese Precious Metals, Crude Oil and Commodities Market Blue Book》, published firstly in 2014;

《Global Investments Markets Blue Book》, published firstly in 2016.


Economic indicators database, bank financial products database, funds database

4.FX168 Event Planning


Based on the service theme of “customer-oriented”, FX168 Event Planning provides highly professional and continual creative services of conferences and seminars. Our slogan is “using conferences to connect everybody in the financial industry”.


Undertakea variety of conferences, including summits, opening ceremony, new product release, international exhibition, etc.

Typical cases:

FX168 Annual Summit, Asia Trading Summit (ATS)

Company Culture

In the process of development, FX168keeps implementing the idea that we grow up with our customers together and evolve with our employees and relative partners together. We pay attention to the industry development trends; care about every requirement of customers; work hard to let investors enjoythe more reliable, convenient, effective, and comfortable financial services; and let our partners enjoy the morecompleted, thoughtful and detailed service. We focus on thecultivation and development of talent, growing with our staff. We care about the development and altering of the operating condition, fulfill social responsibilities with external interested parties, create a good business environment, and promote social progress and developmentjointly.

1.Company culture:Integrity, Innovation, Professional, Efficiency

2.Core Values:Treat people sincerely ,work carefully

3.Our aim: To become a one-stop financial service provider in a full time zone operation way and with global vision

4、Our mission: Provide financial service with global vision for Chinese investors all over the world

Employee activities

Charitable activities

1.To produce better conditions for children, we keep acting with our effort.We have initiated donations several times, and all receivedpositive response.

We expect more people to participate in the future, and make an effort for the happiness of children.

Xingwang Primary School, Huaniu Town, Maiji District, Tianshui, Gansu

The four village primary schools in Suancigou Village, Hengliang, Gulang, Gansu

Tianzhai Primary School, Caoyuan

Hongxing Primary School, Longli

Tangbao Primary School, Longli

2. In recent years, we implemented enterprise social responsibilities, co-operated with Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Zhejiang University of Technology, to provide off-campus practice base, resources and platform for helping the students to improve their comprehensive quality and practical ability.

Qualifications and Awards

FX168’s steady development haswon the community’s recognition. Wehave been identified as:

National High-tech Enterprise

Software Company

Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise

Integrity Founding Enterprise

ISO9001 and ISO 27001 Certification

NationalValue-added Telecommunications Business License (ICP)

Human Resources Service Licence

Asia Brand Top 500, Asia Famous Brand

China Outstanding Media for Spreading Financial Theory

China Financial Information Service Creative Brand Top 10

China Annual Best Foreign Exchange Media

Best News Award

Top 10 Active Website with Integrity Foundingin Shanghai

Shanghai Secure Website

Off-campus practical base of top financial universities in China

Key project supported by Zhangjiang Special Development Fund in Shanghai

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